1v1 Commander: Vial Smasher & Baral

[Art by Deruchenko Alexander]

In case you couldn’t tell from our previous article about 1v1 Commander, we feel a little passionate about the format.

We’ve got a couple video sets of 1v1 Commander leagues up for your viewing pleasure. The first set features Vial …

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Back To My Modern Roots

My relationship with Modern is strange. Up until a couple years ago it was the format that I had seen the most success in as far as Grand Prix and other high level play, but never particularly had a “regular” deck. …

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Lessons from Three Week Standard: Crashing the Castle

I’m writing this the day before we see new standard decks, thinking about the last few weeks of playing Standard online. When the bans were announced, the timing was changed to avoid “widespread confusion and a strange one week metagame” …

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