Chatting with Gerry Thompson

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A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure and luck to sit down with Gerry Thompson and record a casual interview of sorts to put up on the website here. I want to thank GerryT again, first and foremost, for agreeing to let me fumble my way through this whole process, and to anyone who actually takes the time out of their day to listen to it. We talked a fair amount of Magic but also plenty of non-Magic stuff as well.

This is also the first piece of content that I’ve done for the website, I’m Dennis. I’m mostly here to make things easier for the rest of the team, but I’m hoping to get more involved in the future.

I apologize in advance for any production quality issues, this is the first time I’ve interviewed and edited anything like this. It was a learning process for me. But without further ado I present the first of hopefully many interviews brought to you by

I had a little fun with the intro sound bites too so if you absolutely hate the ~30 second intro or so, let me know please.

Also of note, I’ll try and transcribe any future interviews in case anyone isn’t interested in listening to the audio. Always open to suggestions and constructive criticisms too.

SoundCloud link for the interview here.

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