There's a lot of people who've contributed to since it's inception. Here they are.

Aaron Beck

Magic has been my number one hobby from the first packs of Coldsnap I cracked. Ever since then I've pursued the dream of being semi-pro while balancing the hobby with life. You'll usually see me at t

Hi I'm Aaron Beck

Corey Baumeister

Corey Baumeister is a professional Magic: The Gathering player, degenerate gambler, brother to Brad Nelson, Grand Prix champion with 5 total Top 8's to his name, and a lover of music festivals.

Hi I'm Corey Baumeister

Dennis Klicker

Dennis Klicker played his first sanctioned game of Magic: the Gathering when Fate Reforged had just entered Standard and he never looked back. He's also a sad Minnesota sports fan and avid supporter

Hi I'm Dennis Klicker

Jeremy Lichtenberger

Jeremy Lichtneberger has been playing Magic since the mid 90s. He loves to brew in all formats - especially Standard and Modern - but is more than happy to just talk decks and game theory.

Hi I'm Jeremy Lichtenberger

Jesse Vuoti

Seventeen year old Finn who enjoys playing control. I am active Frontier Grinder, but I also play Modern a decent amount. Lame sense of humor warning.

Hi I'm Jesse Vuoti

Lucas Berthoud

Lucas Berthoud is a Platinum level pro player for the Hareruya Latin team, a Pro Tour champion, and overall swell guy.

Hi I'm Lucas Berthoud

Mike Bryant

Mike learned to play Magic from a cousing at the age of 10 and has been hooked ever since. He's put together a number of good runs at the GP level, an SCG Open top 8, as well as a couple of Pro Tours

Hi I'm Mike Bryant

Nick Peternell

Nick has been playing Magic since the 2013 Core Set was released, and grinding since Return to Ravnica. He's played on the Pro Tour and has multiple high finishes at both the Star City Tour and Grand

Hi I'm Nick Peternell

Phil Feichtner

Phil plays Magic and has four kids. These often conflict. When they're not conflicting, he's the resident comedian here at

Hi I'm Phil Feichtner

Rasmus Enegren

Rasmus is a Modern and Frontier player that loves his tempo and control strategies. He's usually trying to force blue.

Hi I'm Rasmus Enegren

Riley Knight

Riley Knight is a member of the Magic coverage team, and has covered top-level events around the world since 2014. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, his favourite formats are Modern and Cube. Ril

Hi I'm Riley Knight

Samuel Ihlenfeldt

Samuel Ihlenfeldt is a competitive Magic player and PhD student from the Minneapolis area.

Hi I'm Samuel Ihlenfeldt

Scott McNamara

Scott is a competitive player from the Texas area, as well as a frequent Magic Online grinder under the username of OafMcNamara. He plays and enjoys most formats, but is currently focusing most of hi

Hi I'm Scott McNamara

Thomas Snodgrass

Magic and Twitch enthusiast. Frontier grinder. Frequent caster of Torrential Gear Hulk into Dig Through Time (with counterspell backup.) <A HREF="">@Nascarfath</A> on

Hi I'm Thomas Snodgrass

Tyler Hill

Tyler Hill is a professional Magic player who's been on and off the Pro Tour circuit before, but locked up Gold in 2017 for his first time and contributes content to on occasion.

Hi I'm Tyler Hill