Masterpiece Giveaway #1 - Meekstone

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Well it’s about that time, we have two Masterpieces to give away to our readers. The first one up for grabs is a Meekstone – a little boring if I’m being honest but that’s because we’re saving the sweet Sword of Fire and Ice for last. You’ll have to forgive us for trying to build up some of that hype.

But, the way you can win is simple, and I won’t have you jump through too many hoops for this one. Simply sign up for our email list so we can notify you guys of new content and updates from the website. We really just want  to get the word out and spread our name around because when your advertising budget is effectively zero, it’s hard to rely completely on word of mouth and good content.

I’m not completely certain how we’ll raffle away the Sword, but it’ll probably be something related to social media – so stay tuned for that. I’ll keep this one up for a week or so and then will announce a random winner.

Note: If you’re already subscribed to the list you’re in luck, you don’t need to do anything else. Hooray!

So that’s all you need to do for a chance to win is register for updates! Not too bad of a proposition, right? Look, I even put the sign up form right below!


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