Masterpiece Giveaway #2 – Sword of Fire and Ice

We heard you like Masterpieces so we're giving away another one. Give us a few minutes of your time and find out how you can win.

sword of fire and ice artwork
Well, it’s officially over for the first Masterpiece giveaway. If you didn’t receive an email from us notifying you then unfortunately you did not win. We unfortunately don’t have any information on the winner other than their email address so as soon we get a first name and approximate location I’ll share it here for posterity’s sake.

But the big news today is now we’re onto the Masterpiece Sword of Fire and Ice. Now, I’ll be upfront – this is going to require a little more effort than simply entering your email address. We really want this to be a success so there’s going to be incentive to share this around. Our hope is that this will go a little viral and make the logistics of tracking all this a nightmare, because that means we have a lot of participation.

So there’s going to be multiple ways to get entered in for the giveaway.

  • 1 entry for being on the email list – simple enough, right?
  • 1 entry if you follow us on Twitter, @mtgdotone – still pretty easy
  • 1 entry if you like us on Facebook – there’s a handy dandy box at the bottom of the page you can use to get there, or click this link
  • 1 entry for subscribing to our YouTube channel which we will be putting more regular content on soon. We really need to get 100 subscribers so we can get a vanity URL. (so we can have youtube[dot]com/vanityurl instead of .com/afjU98_291jReAAS or whatever garbage)

Those are the ways to get entered that require the least effort. Here’s how you can get some extra chances to win that only require slightly more effort on your part.

  • 1 entry for leaving a quality comment here on the website. We have faith in our readers to be good at determining quality – you’re here on so you obviously like luxury. Please not all on this specific post – we’ve got quite a few articles here on the website that you should check out.
  • 2 entries for liking and retweeting our specific tweet about the Sword of Fire and Ice giveaway
  • 2 entries for liking and sharing our specific Facebook post about the Sword of Fire and Ice giveaway
  • 3 entries for sending us an email: contact[at] and telling us something that you like or dislike about the site, suggestions for content, or just feedback in general. Getting feedback is quite difficult so we appreciate any and all that we can receive, good and bad. This is also a good way to notify us of your Twitter/YT/Facebook info if it’s not immediately obvious who is who on social media. We promise to do our very best in keeping everything straight, but can obviously be difficult. Any ambiguity you can clear up for us is supremely helpful.
So there you have it. You basically sell us your social media souls and attention for a brief moment and you can get up to 12 entries. We already regret doing this before this post has even been published, so prove our instincts correct in that keeping track of all this will be an exceedingly tedious logistical nightmare. I want to run this for 2 weeks or so, so September the 6th will most likely be the final day, but there will be an announcement making that final beforehand.

Let’s make it happen, friends. Win a sweet Magic card and have a little fun doing it with us.

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