Hour of Devastation artwork by Simon Dominic

Blue-Red Control Primer: HOU Standard

It’s an exciting time to be playing Standard.

With the bannings that have taken place along in addition to some new cards in Hour of Devastation, the format has finally reached a sweet spot. No matter what kind of deck you …

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Khenra Scrapper artwork by Jesper Ejsing

Another Hour of Cycling: HOU Limited Breakdown

Hello once again my friends! I’m back for another pre-Pro-Tour article and excited to talk about some things. Today I’m going to be discussing the Hour of Devastation limited format, what’s changed from Amonkhet, what you should expect, …

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Vintage Cube #2 with Corey & Dennis

Well it’s a little late but here’s our second run at the Vintage Cube which finished up on Monday. We can’t wait for it to show up on Magic Online again, it is an absolute blast.

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