art by adam paquette

Amonkhet Standard U/R Control Primer

Howdy everyone. My name is Scott McNamara, but I’m probably a little better known from my Magic Online handle, OafMcNamara. I am happy to say that I’ve been invited to join the team here at and I’ll be creating some …

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New Perspectives: Big Magic, Small Towns

Hello! My name is Aaron Beck and I’m another long time player of Magic: the Gathering. It’s been my favorite hobby since I cracked my first pack. The most enjoyable part of the game for me has always been the …

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Pre-Pro Tour: Amonkhet & GP Richmond Thoughts

Hello, hello, fellow gamers.

As you probably know, Pro Tour Amonkhet is right around the corner, and I wanted to share some of my early impressions of the format, the state of standard with zero bans, and just some personal thoughts before I’m off to Virginia …

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