Deck Highlight: Modern Jeskai Saheeli

Did you miss out on destroying your opponents with an arbitrarily large amount of cats in Standard? Well what if I told you it’s just as fun to do in Modern? Still not sold? Well don’t take my word for …

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New Perspectives: Big Magic, Small Towns

Hello! My name is Aaron Beck and I’m another long time player of Magic: the Gathering. It’s been my favorite hobby since I cracked my first pack. The most enjoyable part of the game for me has always been the …

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Felidar Banned, Now Let’s Make Standard Great Again

Earlier today Wizards¬†announced an “addendum”¬†to their most recent Banning and Restricted announcement. Simply put, Felidar Guardian is now banned in Standard. The deciding factor (apparently) was early MTGO league data.

Saheeli-Felidar’s win-loss ratio and metagame share has actually increased since the …

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