Vintage Cube #1 with Corey & Dennis

We’re bringing you something a little bit different today, as most of our content is focused on the constructed side of Magic: the Gathering, but today we’re dabbling into some limited action.

Corey and I joined forces and did a Vintage Cube draft together which is currently running on Magic Online. For those who aren’t aware of what it is, here’s the announcement post where you can find some more information. But put simply, it’s filled with all of the most broken and powerful cards throughout Magic’s history, and is one of the only ways most of us will know what a legitimate turn 1 Black Lotus feels like.

But I digress, here’s our first team attempt at taking down the Vintage cube:

We had a lot of fun recording the videos in this format, so we’d really like to hear positive and negative feedback if anyone has any thoughts on how we can improve it for future video sets.

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[Time Walk art by Chris Rahn, (c)Wizards of the Coast]

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3 Responses to “Vintage Cube #1 with Corey & Dennis”

  • Avatar

    You should position the image of you somewhere that it doesn’t cover cards up.

    Biased towards Mana Leak but Counterspell is just “ok” lol. In three colors I think you should be prioritizing fixing a little higher. Library not close vs brainstorm. Brainstorm is one of those cards that is much worse than you think because of lack of shuffle effects. If you have fetches, it’s pretty good. Kiki is the pick over crucible, imo. Chances that someine just hate drafts to Kiki is are too high for me.

    • corey baumeister

      Randall yeah i think you are right across the board on that one. I knew i wasnt crazy and library’s power level is off the chain! dennis likes his pet cards to much i think 🙂 thanks for the advice dude!

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